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Players’ behavior before and after quarantine: What is he like now?

The diversity of entertainment offered by the gambling industry is not difficult and confusing.

Online casinos are rapidly gaining popularity in jurisdictions where this type of activity is legal. Thus, for a relatively short period from the mid 90’s to date, gaming content has attracted a huge number of players around the world.

Although the quarantine measures, which, of course, affected the gambling market, have not been removed in all countries, there is still dynamics in the international space. Bookmaker’s offices, online and land casinos are launched. So what happened to the player during this period? About the behavioral patterns of foreign players that have changed, as well as new and old trends.

Blockchain Casino – the first online casino, which combines classic gambling and blockchain. Further in the material, the representative of the company tells readers what user habits abroad have received the greatest development, respectively, what trends are rooted in the international market even stronger.

Blockchain and 5G


Of course, first of all it will be about the block man and 5G. The influence of blockchain technology on the games continues to give great prospects for the industry growth. Blockchain offers players useful tools including decentralized asset swaps, fast and secure payments and the ability for developers to monetize their games.

Consequently, a spokesperson notes operator activity and increased opportunities in this area that have inevitably followed the pandemic.

According to him, operators are focusing on the internal cryptobalance, the ability to verify winnings in the Ethereum block (in fact, for the private experience of the company), as well as the percentage of return of games with the ability to verify on the site or in a reliable smart contract.

At the same time, it can be said that, being in quarantine, regular players deprived of the opportunity to visit ground establishments, received a lot of offers over the past two months. Therefore, expanding the list of games and the number of providers is the second task for operators.

In particular, we added Quickspin, Pragmatic Casino and Pragmatic Live to the list of providers available at Casino. Now players can choose from among 12 providers and have access to 2,000 games. At the same time, all gaming transactions are still recorded in smart contracts and reflected in the block explorer,” – summed up the company.

As for 5G, according to a representative of, the latest generation of mobile communications will inevitably affect online gaming, especially when it comes to heavily loaded streaming developments in real time and with the game on the go. Thus, according to him, delayed and buffered streams may become a problem of the past. Today it is known that a number of countries, in particular China, the UK and the U.S., should deploy 5G in 2020 to improve the availability of online casinos and 4K streaming.

Bonus systems – new requirements


In 2019, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) took seriously the regulation of casino bonuses, their advertising and gambling related conditions. In short, the Commission has announced new rules of online gambling in the UK to make them more fair and safe, in particular for the player.

In 2020, due to the pandemic, regulators in a number of jurisdictions were forced to follow the example of the UK, that is, to emphasize the protection of players.

“We see Spain, Denmark, Lithuania and a number of other countries whose regulators have restricted advertising, made new demands on the involvement of players and communication with them in general due to the pandemic. And this trend is likely to consolidate tightly even after quarantine,” concluded a representative.

Thus, modern online casinos, including those working on technology blockchens, will begin to offer bonuses with significantly reduced requirements for bets or without them at all. Moreover, the emphasis will shift from cash bonuses to free spins and tickets.

“In 2020, players can count on casino bonuses that will “work for them”, which will be easier to understand and the process of withdrawal of which operators will try to simplify as much as possible,” – summed up in.

As for the demand: a portrait of the player

Casino has been on the market since late 2018. During this time the project has acquired an extensive club of loyal foreign clients. A survey was conducted among regular players, in which 2240 users took part.

Based on data from respondents, the operator made a portrait of the average player of the block casino. These are predominantly men (81.1%) aged 26 to 35 years (49.6%) for whom the game is a way to relax and distract (47.9%). Players prefer to communicate in WhatsApp (44.2%) and Telegram (32.5%) messengers, while the news is most often read in Telegram channels (33.2%).

Google Analytics data showed the operator that users play more often during quarantine. The team analyzed user behavior during quarantine, comparing the activity of players in February and April.

  • The average number of visits increased by 57%;
  • the average session time increased by 20 seconds;
  • the share of visits from mobile devices increased by 11%.

Innovative casino games, or “The tops are still the best of the developers.”


And finally, the last section, but far from being the last in importance, is innovation and choice of players. According to the representative, larger game publishers will start to take the best small studios under their wing more actively, which means that users can expect more developments from indie studios. And while this may affect the quality of content for lack of control in some jurisdictions, leading providers remain and will continue to be at the top of popularity.

“Industry leaders such as Microgaming, Scientific Games and even NetEnt, whose developments are featured in a number of leading platforms, including our Block Cinema, have begun to acquire, collaborate or license gaming technology from smaller companies, combining their names under one platform and providing access to millions of players. At the same time, the popularity of already promoted games remains high, as evidenced by the statistics on platforms. Thus, only in May the most popular games on the site were products from leading developers Playson (Claws vs Paws), PG Soft (Hip Hop Panda), NetEnt (Warlords: Crystals of Power). And this trend will continue in 2020”.