Casino England: best of the best

Britain is considered one of the most gambling countries in Europe, where players from around the world flock. According to official statistics, last year at least once played 73% of adults in the United Kingdom. Most of them claim that the game – this is not a way to cope with financial difficulties, namely, the way to spend a pleasant leisure time.

There are about 214,000 people working in the UK gambling business – twice as many as the Wembley Stadium can accommodate. And the annual turnover of the gambling industry has exceeded 10 billion euros.

Currently, there are 140 casinos and two licensed poker clubs in Britain. There are 25 gaming establishments in London and 95 in the rest of England. There are 15 casinos in Scotland and only five in Wales.

The UK’s largest casino, the Aspers Casino, was also the Kingdom’s newest casino: it opened on 1 December 2011. The complex is located in London’s Westfield district near the Olympic Stadium, which in itself indicates the event to which the opening of this gaming house.

Over 6,000 square metres, 40 roulette tables, 150 slot machines, 92 electronic terminals and a 150-seat poker room await visitors. The casino restaurant can accommodate 80 guests, who will also enjoy the luxurious Sky Bar and the 24-hour Sports Bar.

With the opening of the Aspers Casino, another gambling house, Casino at The Empire in Leicester Square, has lost its status as the largest in Britain, which it has held since 2007.

Ritz Club Casino
Ritz Club Casino

Such “super casinos” became possible in Britain relatively recently – since 2005, when the authorities changed the “Gaming Act”, according to which the maximum number of cars in the institution could not exceed 20. And huge gaming establishments have already won many opponents who believe that the emergence of such casinos in relatively poor neighborhoods will have a bad impact on the young people living there.

The most luxurious casino in Britain is the Ritz Club Casino, located in London’s Ritz Hotel. Opened in 1978 on the no less famous Piccadilly Street, this casino is still considered the most closed and elite casino in Europe, which has almost no access from the street. To enter freely, you must first become a member of the club, that is 1,000 pounds (1,200 euros). But there is a simpler option – to stay at the hotel Ritz, whose guests can freely visit the casino (the main thing, do not forget to wear a tuxedo).

Ritz Hotel
Ritz Hotel

Among the other most prestigious and famous casinos of the British capital can be referred to: Connoisseur Club, Park Tower Casino and Grosvenor Victoria Casino.

Clermont club
Clermont club

Entrance to most of these British casinos has now become much easier – and thank you for that, it’s worth noting the financial crisis. Many gambling establishments have simply opened their doors to everyone, while others have made it easier to join the club: just pay an annual fee (a few tens to several thousand pounds) and you’re a member.

Britain’s finest casinos

Casinos in England are first of all architectural exhibits, and then gambling clubs. Most of the gambling houses in London, and outside of it, were built in the XIX-XX centuries, after which their style was carefully maintained for decades. Below is a list of some of the best British casinos, VIP level:

  • Clermont Club is the guardian of the traditions of aristocratic England. The building where the club is located was built back in 1742 by the talented architect and designer William Kent. Since then it has been faithful to the architectural traditions of the XVIII century. In the casino absolutely everything reminds players of their exclusivity and status. The cornices and columns are decorated with beautiful stucco work, and two-meter high chandeliers hang from the ceilings. Tourists rightly call Clermont Club the best casino in England. But to become a member of this elite institution is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. To play in Clermont you need to apply for membership 24 hours before the planned game, and it does not guarantee that the guest will be accepted. The casino has a strict dress code and face control that also complicates the pass.
  • Mint Casino is a popular UK casino in the tourism industry. It is famous for the fact that in addition to standard European gambling, the gaming club offers a variety of entertainment and shows. Within the walls of the facility tourists can play classic poker, American roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean herds and three- card poker. A big advantage and plus of Mint Casino is the absence of mandatory membership, that is, any tourist who has reached the age of 18 can walk outside the casino door and try slot machines or poker tables.
  • Hippodrome Casino. The legendary Hippodrome Casino began its work in London in 1900, the history was full of significant events. Visitors to the gambling house were many famous personalities, and on stage were the most famous stars of the stage at different times. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular gaming gemblings in the British capital.
  • The Ritz Club is on Piccadilly Street, famous for its restaurants and boutiques. To play in the institution, you need to become a member of the club and pay a fee of 1 thousand pounds sterling. After payment, the club card is issued on the spot and a person can start playing immediately. The Ritz Club has several dozens of slot machines and tables for poker, roulette, Baccarat and Punto Banco.
  • The Casino at the Empire opens its doors to fabulous bars and excellent restaurants, each of which recommends CasinoTravelTours. Stunning gambling energy of the gambling complex will give an excellent charge of positive mood and a sea of positive emotions. More than 200 machines and 25 gaming tables in the heart of the foggy Albion. At the entrance to the Empire Casino it is enough to show any identification document (passport or driver’s license). Thus, anyone can enter the gemblings.
Mint Casino
Mint Casino

British gaming clubs are the most stylish and expensive casinos in Europe. This is evidenced by thousands of reviews of satisfied tourists who are not used to such luxury and attention to every detail.

England is one of the most gambling countries in Europe

In 2010, a sociological survey was conducted among the residents of the European Union countries, the results of which identified the most playing nations in Europe. First places in the rating table were taken by Spain, Italy and Poland; England was placed on the fourth position. It was expected, because the standard of living of the local population is quite high, so people can afford to spend part of their earned money on gambling, but their pragmatism does not allow them to get to the first place in the ranking.